For more than 30 years alba KULTUR has been working as an independent office, specialized in global music cultures ranging from classical non-Western music and orally transmitted traditional music and folk to contemporary hybrid and creolised fusion and crossover projects, that all express the concept of cultural diversity in a globalised world.

Our work is based on the philosophy, that music is a fundamental human expression. It creates and supports social and cultural identity. Dealing with musical diversity here and world wide help to establish openness, tolerance, respect, self-awareness, sensitivity and the ability to give and receive criticism - all valuable criteria for a peaceful living together and the development of a vibrant civil society.
We primarily work in the following areas:

  • curatorial work
  • concept development and consulting
  • artist management consulting
  • cultural and music education
  • music and sustainable development
  • cultural political commitment

Sprunghilfe zu Conferences & Lectures Conferences & Lectures

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alba KULTUR regularly participates at international conferences, symposia, excursions etc. Find out, where we could meet next - online and face to face - to exchange ideas, new projects and future collaborations !
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Sprunghilfe zu Klassik der Welt in der Elbphilharmonie Klassik der Welt in der Elbphilharmonie

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Elbphilharmonie Hamburg features music from non-Western cultures with own 'classical' traditions - complex art music with a along history of notation. An important part of these 'Classics Of The World' are as well music styles which had been handed over orally and refined by master musicians over centuries.

New programm 2023 - 2024 is out !

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Sprunghilfe zu Musiken der Welt in der Alten Oper Frankfurt Musiken der Welt in der Alten Oper Frankfurt

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World music series at Frankfurt Old Opera House at Mozartsaal 

New programm 2023 - 2024 is out !

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Sprunghilfe zu Kurbasy Kurbasy

Details | 0White voice and folk tunes from Ukraine
Kurbasy, an ensemble of outstanding vocalists and innovative instrumentalists, brings tight vocal harmonies, resonant lyrics, and theatrical imagery from the Carpathian mountains of Western Ukraine.

Duo Kurbasy on tour in August 2023 with 'Yusan Zillya' in Belgium and in October 2023 with 'Songs from the Ukrainian Forest' in France.
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Sprunghilfe zu CCAS Summer Tours in France CCAS Summer Tours in France

Details | 0CCAS act in favor of the development of human beeings, the well-being of each person and the quality of life, while respecting in solidarity and dignity their legal rights. During the vacation CCAS offers in its centers and in sites of its social tourism partners cultural programs with widest diversity of expression - included an inside view into music from various cultures performed by master musicians.    
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Sprunghilfe zu Tengerton Tengerton

Details | 0Sounds of Heaven
The string quartet's name means sounds or colors of heaven. The musical work is based on the two iconographic elements of Mongolian music: Moriin Khuur violin and the fascinating vocal style Khoomii and Kharkhiraa.

On tour in August 2023 and Juuary/ February 2024.

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Sprunghilfe zu UNESCO UNESCO

Details | 0alba KULTUR supports the work of the German UNESCO Commission to implement the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions and the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage through practical projects in the field of global music.

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Sprunghilfe zu Afghanische Musik im Exil Afghanische Musik im Exil

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Current information on Afghan music in Europe: master musicians, documentation and music research, instrument makers and traditional instruments, learning and teaching Afghan music and the Afghan music scene reflected in cultural politics.
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Sprunghilfe zu Klangkosmos NRW Klangkosmos NRW

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Klangkosmos NRW is the global music network of local cultural organsations in more than 20 cities in North Rhine-Westphalia since the year 2000.

Online preview program 2023/ 2024

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Sprunghilfe zu Artist Mobility Artist Mobility

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Throughout the last 25 years, alba KULTUR has specialised in and continuously worked on issues regarding artist mobility ...

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Sprunghilfe zu Focus Rhineland Focus Rhineland

Details | 0Since more than 25 years we are collaborating with countless ensembles of the rich and creative local music scene based in the music city of Cologne and in the surroundings of Rhineland. Discover the Sound of Rhineland !
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Sprunghilfe zu Migrants Music Manifesto - Projektwoche Migrants Music Manifesto - Projektwoche

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The project week from 13.-19. September 2021 in Cologne/ Germany offers a WorkshopLab with 20 sessions, concert of the spectacular MMM Project Orchester with 28 musicians based in NRW and in Brussels and a public general debate / conference on the post-pandemic perspectives for the global-local music in NRW and in Europe and framework activities. 

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