Sprunghilfe zu Weltmusik in der Alten Oper Frankfurt Weltmusik in der Alten Oper Frankfurt

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World music series at Frankfurt Old Opera House at Mozartsaal 

Please check out the new program 2020/ 2021 !!!
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Sprunghilfe zu Klassik der Welt in der Elbphilharmonie Klassik der Welt in der Elbphilharmonie

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Elbphilharmonie Hamburg features music from non-Western cultures with own 'classical' traditions - complex art music with a along history of notation. An important part of these 'Classics Of The World' are as well music styles which had been handed over orally and refined by master musicians over centuries. 

Blog : Online 'Silk Road Festival' April 2020
Features, exclusive streamings of live concert recordings by the invited artists, videos and other background material for a musical discovery journey along the Silk Road with excursions to Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and China:
Website Elbphilharmonie - Silk Road Festival Online: Blogs & Streamings

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Sprunghilfe zu Festival Romanischer Sommer Festival Romanischer Sommer

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Vocal traditions of the world in the festival of spiritual music of Cologne in romanesque churches.

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Sprunghilfe zu Migrants Music Manifesto Migrants Music Manifesto

Details | 0The aim of this project, funded by the EU Creative Europe Culture Programm 2020/ 2021 and organized with partner organisations in France, Belgium, Italy, Greece and alba KULTUR in Germany, is to improve communication and understanding of migrants and refugees in Europe through music.
The start of the project had been postphoned to 2021 due to COVID-19 pandemic.
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Sprunghilfe zu Archiv Festivals & Special Concerts Archiv Festivals & Special Concerts

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Weltmusik in Hessen, Unterwegs - Berliner Philharmonie, Stadtrauschen, Creole, Musica Sacra Paderborn, Frühling der Kulturen, Romanischer Sommer Köln ...

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