Here you find the documentation of 30 years of outstanding and ground breaking artistic activities of the mongolian ensemble Egschiglen, who received by the people in Mongolia the titel of honour 'Mother Of Mongolian Music'. After the painful passing away of Tumursaikhan Yanlav, one the founding members of the group in the end of 2021, Egschiglen decided to close the impressiv history of their work at the end of 2022. 

The musicians continue their musical adventures individually and with new projects and ensembles such as Tengerton and Hatan.

Details | EgschiglenFrom 1992 - 2022 Egschiglen set the focus of their artistic work on contemporary music. They explored the sound dimensions of works by contemporary Mongolian composers with their fine-tuned arrangements and using traditional instruments from Mongolia and Central Asian vocal techniques.
Some of their pieces have chamber-music quality with filigree and transparent sounds, others convince with the original enchanting power of Mongolian folk traditions, taking us from the sound of the Mongolian horses’ hooves to the clear silence of the Gobi desert. But their music is characterized also by its deeply natural, compelling force.
In Egschiglen’s performances, tunes from shamanist or Buddhist tradition, which are common in Central Asia, impress through their diversity of expression and intricate arrangements. In their own unique, distinctive way, the musicians breathe new life into them, thus rapturing audiences all over the world.
The musicians are also balancing between diverse cultures: in the course of the years, Egschiglen participated in a number of cooperation projects with musicians from various cultural areas. Furthermore, they present the latest finds from their adopted home, Franconia: traditional song material from the Altmühl valley, re-arranged as a Mongolian khoomii / morin khuur crossover.

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