Sprunghilfe zu Kurbasy Kurbasy

Details | 0White voice and folk tunes from Ukraine
Kurbasy, an ensemble of outstanding vocalists and innovative instrumentalists, brings tight vocal harmonies, resonant lyrics, and theatrical imagery from the Carpathian mountains of Western Ukraine and from Crimea.

Duo Kurbasy on tour in July 2024 with 'Yusan Zillya' and 'Songs from the Ukrainian Forest'.
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Sprunghilfe zu Ananuri Ananuri

Details | 0Georgian Polyphonies
The ensemble Ananuri founded in 1995 initially as a small formation of independent artists and has named after this historically important place. Since they have toured in Eastern Europe, in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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Sprunghilfe zu Mariana Sadovska Mariana Sadovska

Details | 0Composer, Vocalist, Multi-Instrumentalist and Actress
As a singer, multi-instrumentalist, and actress, experienced with multi-media performances, workshops and musical theatre productions, she is an internationally renowned and award-winning artist and compose from Lviv, Ukraine. 

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