Sprunghilfe zu Yma America Yma America

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One of the most popular Latin female voices in Europe.

Her clear, pure and powerful voice swings like the wind over the sounds of her 'cuatro', the magic small four-stringed instrument from Venezuela.

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Sprunghilfe zu Niyireth Alarcon Trio Niyireth Alarcon Trio

Details | 0Magical Andean music from Columbia
Niyireth Alarcón is known beyond South America for her research into Andean music from Colombia, for her innovative interpretations of this specific repertoire of traditional Latin American music and currently one of the most important representative of the younger generation.

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Sprunghilfe zu Chacombo Chacombo

Details | 0Ritual songs from the Afro-Peruvian tradition
Since 1996 Chacombo performs Afro-Peruvian pieces and rhythms as panalivio, landó and zamacueca from the shore and the highlands of the Andean country.

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