Details | 0Concerts of global-local musics have been part of the music scene in Cologne and Rhineland for many years. We are pleased that the City of Cologne is supporting the federation of independent music professionals AG Global Music @ IFM e.V. to set up a calendar for the independent scene of global music.
Take a look and do not miss the concerts!

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Details | 0Portraits of the global-local music scene in the capital of Rhineland :

La musique de Cologne - Artikel auf
(Französischer Weltmusik Blog)
Download Deutsche Fassung des Artikels auf  

Download Musikforum 4/2017 des Artikels Mir sin' wie mir sin' - Mir Jecke am Rhing

La Revue Européenne des Migrations Internationales (REMI)
Hrsg. Alice Aterianus-Owanga, Elina Djebbari et Monika Salzbrunn
Vol. 35 Nr. 3/4 Beitrag von Birgit Ellinghaus & Monika Salzbrunn, 2019
'Chronique d'actualité - Musique et migration: le carnaval de Cologne comme état d’esprit' (Französisch)

Details | 0Presentation of the Cologne based innovative grass-roots project 'Humba  efau' and its various satellite activities by Birgit Ellinghaus and Jan Krauthäuser at: International conference on UNESCO Intangible Cultural Hertitage
'Urban Cultures, Superdiversity and Intangible Heritage'

Datum: 15./16.02.2018 at University of Utrecht/ NL 

Download Draft of the presentation & more  
Download Conference Programm Utrecht
Conference announcement on UNESCO Website  
Humba efau

Since more than 25 years we are collaborating with countless artists and ensembles of the rich and creative local music scene based in the music city of Cologne and from the surroundings Rhineland.
Discover the Sound of Rhineland !

Sprunghilfe zu Post-Colonia(les) Stadtrauschen Post-Colonia(les) Stadtrauschen

Details | 0Five special concerts with orginal compositions with Cologne based bands and stories and music styles from Rhineland.

Premiere at Cologne Music Night 2015

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Sprunghilfe zu Frühling der Kulturen Frühling der Kulturen

Details | 02. Kölner Musikfest
Newroz - Nouruz: Frühling der Kulturen 2012

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Sprunghilfe zu Mariana Sadovska Mariana Sadovska

Details | 0Composer, Vocalist, Multi-Instrumentalist and Actress
As a singer, multi-instrumentalist, and actress, experienced with multi-media performances, workshops and musical theatre productions, Mariana Sadovska is an internationally renowned and award-winning artist and composer. Born in Lviv, Ukraine, where she was trained as a classical pianist, the Cologne-based artist has continued her artistic journey in various directions ...
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Sprunghilfe zu Yma America Yma America

Details | 0
One of the most popular Latin female voices in Europe.

Her clear, pure and powerful voice swings like the wind over the sounds of her 'cuatro', the magic small four-stringed instrument from Venezuela.

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