Details | 0CCAS act in favor of the development of the human beeings, the well-being of each person and the quality of life, while respecting in solidarity and dignity their legal rights. In France more than 1% of the population is working in the electricity and gas sector - aprox. 657.000 people – workers and their families. They are the beneficiaries of social and cultural activities of CCAS, which includes the vacation opportunities for all generations and summer camps for young people. During the vacation period CCAS offers acess to artistic and cultural discovery programs. In its centers and in sites of its social tourism partners these programs present a widest diversity of expression - included smal format acoustic concerts giving an inside view into music from various cultures performed by master musicians.  

Since many years alba KULTUR is supporting CCAS for it's mission and for the selection and organisation of the music program.  

Details | Symbio by Bart VanoutriveSwedish duo celebrating joy, sorrow, melancholy and catching stories from the nordic universe 

Johannes Geworkian-Hellman - Hurdy-Gurdy
LarsEmil Öjeberget - Accordion, Kickbox

More on homepage Symbio

Tour 2022
More details about the dates and venues are following soon!

Tour 2021

03.08.2021 Ispagnac
04.08.2021 Riviere-sur-Tarn
05.08.2021 Brassac
06.08.2021 Verzeille
07.08.2021 La Bastide sur l'Hers
09.08.2021 Matemale
10.08.2021 Sainte Marie
11.08.2021 Portiragnes
12.08.2021 Cap d'Agde
13.08.2021 Aimargues

Details | Ananuri by Artist ArchiveProfan and mystic caucasian polyphonies and folk

Maia Mirziashvili/ Teona Khurshavishivili
- Vocals, Fanduri, Chonguri
Koba Mirziashvili
- Vocals, Fanduri, Bass Panduri
Roland Vacheishvili
- Vocals, Salamuri, Duduk, Panduri, Chonguri
Zurabi Mirziashvili
- artistic director, Vocals, Fanduri, Bass Panduri, Salamuri, Doli

More about Ananuri

Tour 2022
More details about the dates and venues are following soon!

Tour 2021

16.08.2021 Menton      
17.08.2021 Gilette      
18.08.2021 La Napoule      
19.08.2021 Frejus (Les Résidences du Colombier)
20.08.2021 Le Lavandou
21.08.2021 Bormes les Mimosas (Parc de Bormes)
23.08.2021 Le Brusc (Martin Zédé)     
24.08.2021 Le Pradet (Les Oursinières)     
25.08.2021 Chorges (Baie de la Chapelle)     

Details | Vigüela by Alfredo MorenoJota, Fandango and Seguidilla from the lands of Castile-La Mancha

Carmen Torres - vocals, percussion
Mari Nieto - vocals, percussion
Juan Antonio Torres
- vocals, percussions, guitare, rebec
Luis Garcia Valera
- vocals, guitare, luth, percussions
David Mollón
- vocals, guittarro, guitare, percussions 

More on homepage Vigüela

Tour 2022
More details about the dates and venues are following soon!

Tour 2021

16.08.2021 Argeles sur Mer
17.08.2021 Sainte Marie
18.08.2021 Gruissan
19.08.2021 Serignan (Cote du Soleil)
20.08.2021 Saint Pierre la Mer (Les Romarins)
21.08.2021 Six Fours les Plages
23.08.2021 Le Pradet (La Bayette)
24.08.2021 Bormes les Mimosas (La Manne)
25.08.2021 Sainte Raphael (Santa Lucia)
26.08.2021 Ramatuele

Details | 0Desert Blues & North African traditional song – riding high on global trance. Trio Anewal is the latest project of Etran Finatawa frontman and former member of the Tinariwen movement Alhousseini Anivolla.  

Alhousseini Anivola
- guitar, vocals, tekedebena (music bow)
Jean Gnonlonfoun
- bass guitar, talking drum, vocals
Tunde Angonglo 
- djembe, calabash, vocals

More on homepage Anewal  

Tour 2022
More details about the dates and venues are following soon!

Details | 0Masters of the Global Mazurkas from Poland  

Janusz Prusinowski
- fiddle, dulcimer, accordion, vocals
Piotr Piszczatowski
- Baraban drum, frame drum
Michał Żak - wooden flutes, reedpipe, clarinet  

More on homepage Janusz Prusinowski  

Tour 2022
More details about the dates and venues are following soon!

Details | Tamala by Dieter TelemansAfro-European musical nomads from the metropoles between Dakar and Brussels  

Mola Sylla - voice, xalam
Bao Sissoko - kora
Wouter Vandenabeele - violin

More on homepage Tamala

Tour 2021

29.07.2021 Merlinmont G (Nord Pas de Calais) 
30.07.2021 Ponches (Picardie Champagne Ardennes)   
31.07.2021 Auberville (Normandie)
01.08.2021 Dives sur Mer (Normandie)
03.08.2021 Amboise les Violettes (Centre) 
04.08.2021 Chinon (Centre) 
05.08.2021 La Rochelle - La Fayette (Charentes Poitou)   
06.08.2021 Saint Georges de Didonne - Les Bains Salés ( Charentes Poitou)
07.08.2021 Ares - Bassin d'Arcachon (Aquitaine Nord)  
08.08.2021 Pelvezy (Aquitaine Nord)  

Tour 2020
17.08.2020 Labeaume 
18.08.2020 Vaison la Romaine   
19.08.2020 Montbrun les Bains    
20.08.2020 Chamrousse la Berangere    
21.08.2020 Les Sept Laux (Haut Bréda)
22.08.2020 Le Monetier les Bains   
24.08.2020 Aussois   
25.08.2020 Beaufort   
26.08.2020 Les Saisies   
27.08.2020 Megeve (Le Hameau)

Details | Egschiglen by CCAS2020Fine tuned string and vocal music from the steppes in Mongolia.

Amartuwshin Baasandorj - Khoomii, Moriin Khuur,
                           Khuuchir, Tobshuur, Percussion
Uuganbaatar Tsend-Ochir - Tobshuur, Flutes 
Yesun-Erdene Bat - Moriin Khuur, Vocals
Ariunaa Tserendavaa - Dance, Percussion

More on homepage Egschiglen

Tour 2021

18.07.2021 Le Brusc
19.07.2021 Le Pradet (La Bavette)
20.07.2021 Le Pradet (Les Oursinières)
21.07.2021 Bromes les Mimosas (Parc de Bromes)
22.07.2021 Le Lavadou
23.07.2021 Bromes les Mimosas (La Manne)
25.07.2021 Saint Raphael
26.07.2021 Giens
27.07.2021 Frejus
28.07.2021 Tourves

Tour 2020
20.07.2020 Menton
21.07.2020 Hyères
22.07.2020 Vaison-la-Romaine
23.07.2020 Le Monastier-sur-Gazeille
24.07.2020 Chilhac
25.07.2020 Super-Besse
27.07.2020 Crayssac
28.07.2020 Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val
29.07.2020 Gourdon
30.07.2020 Ispagnac

Details | Nancy Vieira by Artist ArchiveMorna and more from Mindelo and other cape verdean harbour cities and islands

Nancy Vieira - Chant
Osvaldo Dias - Guitare
António Marin Garcia - Guitare, Cavaquinho

More on homepage Nancy Vieira

Tour 2020 
15.07.2020        Sare 
16.07.2020        Biscarosse Plage (Le Vivier)
17.07.2020        Mimizan Plage 
18.07.2020        Sanguinet 
20.07.2020        Rivedoux Plage (Le Platin) 
21.07.2020        La Rochelle 
22.07.2020        Saint Trojan les Bains 
23.07.2020        Carcans Maubuisson (Les Dunes)
24.07.2020        Moliets 
25.07.2020        Biscarosse Plage (Plage Sud)

Details | Krar Collective by Jacob CrawfurdContemporary and traditional Ethiopian grooves.    

Temesgen Zeleke - Krar, Vocals
Kibrom Tewold Mehari - Krebro, Vocals
Genet Assefa - Vocals 

More on homepage Krar Collective

Tour 2020

27.07.2020 Ponches
28.07.2020 Merlimont
29.07.2020 Dives sur Mer
30.07.2020 Portbail
31.07.2020 Ambrieres
01.08.2020 Auberville
03.08.2020 Sarzeau
04.08.2020 Tregunc
05.08.2020 Fouesnant
06.08.2020 Plonevez-Porzay  

Details | 0Hungarian Olah-Gypsy music masters  

Mónika Lakatos - vocals
Mihály »Mazsi« Rostás - guitar, vocals
János »Guszti« Lakatos - milk churn,
Tibor Balogh - wooden trough, cajon,
                                         bass-scat vocals
Misi Rosonczy-Kovács - violin

More on homepage Romengo

Tour 2020 

05.08.2020 La Tranche sur Mer
06.08.2020 Mesquer
07.08.2020 Saint Jean de Monts (Plage)
08.08.2020 Saint Jean de Monts (Les Sirenes)
10.08.2020 Le Bois Plage en Re (Plage)
11.08.2020 Le Bois Plage en Re (Le Village Oc)
12.08.2020 Royan
13.08.2020 Les Mathes
14.08.2020 Carcans Maubuisson
15.08.2020 Montalivet  

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