Since 25 years alba KULTUR has been working as an independent office, specialising in global music cultures ranging from classical non-Western music and orally transmitted traditional music and folk to comtemporary hybrid and creolised fusion and crossover projects that all express and actualise the concept of cultural diversity in a globalised world.

Our work is based on the philosophy that music is a fundamental human expression that creates and supports social and cultural identity. Dealing with both, one's own music and with foreign music cultures helps to establish openness, tolerance, respect, self-awareness, sensitivity and the ability to give and receive criticism - all valuable criteria for a peaceful living together and the development of a vibrant civil society. We primarily work in the following areas:

  • artist management
  • curatorial work
  • concept development and consulting
  • cultural education
  • music and sustainable development
  • cultural political commitment

Sprunghilfe zu Mariana Sadovska Mariana Sadovska

Details | 0Composer, Vocalist, Multi-Instrumentalist and Actress
As a singer, multi-instrumentalist, and actress, experienced with multi-media performances, workshops and musical theatre productions, Mariana Sadovska is an internationally renowned and award-winning artist and composer. Born in Lviv, Ukraine, where she was trained as a classical pianist, the Cologne-based artist has continued her artistic journey in various directions ...

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Sprunghilfe zu Weltmusik in der Alten Oper Frankfurt Weltmusik in der Alten Oper Frankfurt

Details | 0World music serie at Frankfurt Old Opera House at Mozartsaal.

Next concert:
21. Mai 2017 - Ein Hauch des geliebten Syrien

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Sprunghilfe zu Romanischer Sommer 2017 Romanischer Sommer 2017

Details | 0Vocal traditions of the world in the festival of spiritual music of Cologne in romanesque churches.

29. Edition : 21. - 23.06.2017

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Sprunghilfe zu Klangkosmos NRW Klangkosmos NRW

Details | 0Klangkosmos NRW is the global music network of local cultural organsations in more than 20 cities in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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Sprunghilfe zu Conferences & Lectures Conferences & Lectures

Details | 0alba KULTUR regularly participates at international conferences, symposia, excursions etc. Find out, where we could meet next to exchange ideas, new projects and future collaborations !

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Sprunghilfe zu More artists More artists

Details | 0Focus: Rhineland * Indian Ocean * Central Asia
We are proud to present a choice of outstanding local musics and innovative artists from focus regions: The Music City of Cologne and Rhineland in Germany, the Indian Ocean from East Africa to Southeast Asia and on the traces of the famous Silk Road to Central Asia. The artists are available for concerts, new musical collaborations and music education projects in Europe.
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