Details | 0Started in 1997 'Heaven and Earth - Label & Publishing'  reflects the philosophy and the sounds of artists represented by alba KULTUR. Each generation, every culture has its specific tastes and preferences. Only one factor „quality“ has prevailed, everywhere and always. 'Heaven and Earth' places emphasis on timeless quality - not only in music and production, but in its promotion and handling services as well.

The synergy between alba Kultur and Heaven and Earth Records guarantees our artistic independence, since it takes time for the artists we like to get the recognition they deserve. We consciously limiting the yearly selection of products. We release music we identify with, not music we think might be trendy. The focus of Heaven and Earth Records is contemporary music with folk roots. All albums are produced entirely by ourself - in studios in the countries of origin of the artists or in Germany. We are proud on having released - among other oriental and european albums - over the years the catalogue of the outstanding mongolian band Egschiglen and of the german based ghanaen band Adesa.  

We have roughly 1000 music titles sourced from Heaven and Earth Records. All titles are available for licensing for use in films, television, adverts etc. -  anywhere music is used. We control 100% of the rights to most of the works in our catalogue. Of course we know our catalogue deeply. Maybe you can't find a specific track, need more like the one you found, or you simply don't have time to search. Then we propose to you a selection of tracks. You are welcome to send a request for a specific type of music to us and we will be happy to scour the catalogue for just the right music for your project. We also work with a number of artists who create music specifically for new productions. If you are after tailor-made music, please contact us with details of your project and we will be happy to discuss your specific needs.


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